Sye Watts

Designer - Animator - Illustrator

Iconography audit and redesign

By the time I joined the company, the web site has been through dozens of iterations. Designs implemented at different stages of development naturally led to a bit of an inconsistency in iconography and illustration, and as at that point there was no design system in place, I was tasked with auditing the icons on the site and refreshing to a more unified and on-brand icon set.

Here’s some of the result from the audit, you can clearly see how disconnected the icons and illustrations are from one another. No singular cohesive style and missing some of the basic industry standards for unified brand iconography.

I spent some time looking at the past and current brand illustrations, and the ones which seemed to follow a similar style. Combining work created in-house with previously purchased icon/illustration packages, I was able to produce a unified icon set which can be used across many different promotional assets.

These icons follow basic rules, use our brand colours but are adaptable for future brand development if we decide to go in a new direction. They also conform to industry standards/best practices for icon design and production. They are now being implemented across both web and mobile platforms.