Sye Watts

Designer - Animator - Illustrator

Welcome and Engage email series

In late 2018 the company had a look to refresh their old welcome and engage series in the process of migrating to a comprehensive email  publishing service named Emarsys. The old system was only capable of publishing very rudimentary emails without the use of a standardised template system, so anything with a bit of flare needed to be created as an image, which is problematic in some inboxes. Here are a couple of examples from the old email series:

The product manager and myself were given a week to redesign and implement the new welcome and engage series in Emarsys, as this was just before the winter busy period, and we wanted to use the influx in users to A/B test the new designs over three months.

The tight deadline meant very fast iteration, and relying heavily on the existing usage guidelines for Emarsys while allowing enough breathing room for the series to stand out among our other more regular marketing emails.

The new series will comprise of 7 individual emails, set to trigger at certain milestones for new users.

The company has a pre-existing video asset explaining how the product works, and so I decided as new users are likely to have seen the video, I will create assets which emulate the style of the illustrations used to keep things consistent.

The new designs feature more colour, more interest and more consistency both with each other as a series and with the new templates implemented into Emarsys. I was even able to modernise them by adding animations to a few.

The results from the testing showed a positive increase in conversion by 38% in 50/50 split AB tests compared to the old welcome & engage series, with diminishing returns after the first email in the series.

Since the new series implementation, the I have been iterating on data driven incremental improvements and most results are showing a 3-4% increase in conversion (click through rates) with every round of improvements.